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Financial Planning Opportunities to Prioritize When Changing Jobs

Certified Financial Planner Financial Advice Financial Advisor Financial Planner Financial Planning Financial Services Investment Planning Legacy Planning Registered Investment Advisor Retirement Advice RIA October 14, 2021 Author: Woody Derricks

Financial Planning Opportunities to Prioritize When Changing Jobs They call it the Great Resignation.  With more jobs available than Americans looking to fill them, recent months have presented a unique opportunity for those interested in finding something better. But along with a chance to upgrade your career, changing jobs can also present other financial opportunities.  Because it is a busy time, it can be easy to miss those, which can mean a […]

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Legacy Planning Tips for Same-Sex Couples

Gay Friendly Financial Advisor Annapolis Legacy Planning November 29, 2017 Author: Woody Derricks

When the Supreme Court legalized gay marriage, it didn’t alleviate many of the ambiguities related to legacy planning for same-sex couples. Children, physical and digital assets, and even family attitudes can impact the planning process for those in the LGBT community. To ensure that you leave the legacy you’ve always wanted, it is important to […]

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