Investment Management
  • Know and understand your investment attitude and personality
  • As an independent financial advisor, we don’t have any of our own investment products, so you know that our investment advice will be unbiased
  • Provide appropriate investment options, explain the risks and costs of those options, and make recommendations
  • Provide you with an investment policy statement with agreed upon investment objectives, risk management, and strategies
  • Keep you up to date with product, service, strategy changes and improvements
  • Consolidate investment paperwork
  • Conduct regular financial review meetings, with calls as needed in between
  • Advise you to avoid reactive or emotional decisions which could negatively affect your portfolio
  • Resolve issues regarding your accounts under our management
  • Use the lowest cost share class when possible for your investments
  • Maintain and improve our industry and product knowledge
  • Provide 401(k), 403(b) or 457 investment advice
  • Evaluate investment alternatives and new investment opportunities
  • Provide wealth management information with a comprehensive approach
  • Explain investment ideas in a manner that makes it easy to understand
  • Provide secure on-line brokerage and stock-trading accounts
  • Provide annual asset allocation review and, as needed, account rebalancing
  • Review your investment strategy to maintain an individualized, high-quality portfolio
  • Provide economic and stock market updates and explain what it means to you
  • Help you evaluate the economic news to determine what you should and shouldn’t be concerned about
  • Provide capital gains and loss planning
  • Investing for same-sex couples, even married couples, can vary based on the way our clients handle their finances. Some same-sex couples combine all of their finances, some have a portion combined with the balance managed independently, while others keep everything separate. Personal financial planning is understanding and respecting how you manage your finances and creating strategies for you.
  • Asset management fees range from .85% to 1.5% depending on the size of the portfolio under our management. All investments done through fee-based accounts are managed on a fiduciary basis; meaning that we select investments that we believe are in your best interest.

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