Investment Management

At Partnership Wealth Management (PWM), we believe investors should use a customized investment approach appropriate for their own unique goals and constraints.  We offer two approaches to help clients as we work towards their long-term goals.  The two strategies differ in their definition of risk, how they respond to stock market volatility, and the underlying investments used.

The first approach is our custom stock strategy.  In our custom stock strategy, we invest in the undervalued stocks of quality companies that we believe will continue to exist in the foreseeable future. We view value stocks as those that sell below our calculation of a company’s intrinsic or real value.  We also utilize a long-term time horizon that allows us to be patient as we wait for our investments to mature and bear fruit.  This strategy involves the active management of a concentrated portfolio of individual stocks.  We invest with conviction and confidence in a disciplined approach that treats stock market volatility as an investment opportunity (rather than a risk) for the patient investor.  Our custom stock strategy can also reduce our clients’ all-in costs by eliminating the added layers of fees charged by mutual funds.

The second approach seeks to reduce stock market volatility in a client’s portfolio.  Stocks generally have higher volatility than other investments or asset classes (i.e., cash and bonds) and occasionally see extreme price fluctuations.  Diversification is the primary tool used to help minimize stock market volatility.  Diversification is accomplished when other investments or asset classes are added to a portfolio of stocks.  This strategy utilizes mutual funds and exchange-traded funds (ETFs) to build a portfolio of different investments and asset classes.  We actively manage this strategy and may make tactical changes to clients’ portfolios to take advantage of market opportunities.  We may rebalance the portfolio to maintain optimal levels of diversity that are in line with our clients’ long-term goals and risk tolerance.  Clients who are not as comfortable owning stocks directly or who are particularly averse to stock market volatility may prefer this strategy.

When feasible, our customization approach allows us to incorporate investment restrictions based on our clients’ personal preferences or employer restrictions.  Similarly, we can consider investments that are environmentally or socially responsible.  Additionally, we can help our most tax-sensitive clients by utilizing a tax-efficient strategy to work towards minimizing taxes generated from their investments (in conjunction with their tax advisors).

We also help clients manage their 401k or other employer-sponsored retirement plans.  Learn more here.

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No strategy can guarantee success or the prevention of loss.  Diversification does not ensure the elimination of risks inherent to investing.  Investing involves risk, including the potential for principal loss.

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