Blog : 2017 - Partnership Wealth Management

Working with an Accredited Domestic Partnership Advisor℠

Accredited Domestic Partnership Advisor Gay Friendly Financial Advisor Annapolis LGBT friendly financial Advisor December 22, 2017 Author: Woody Derricks

Couples in domestic partnerships often experience a more challenging financial landscape than their married counterparts. Though many same-sex couples cope with similar problems, those who do not benefit from Federal marriage protections may encounter unique barriers when it comes to safeguarding their partners and wealth. To assist LBGT couples through common hurdles, there are financial […]

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What is a Registered Investment Advisor? – Infographic

Registered Investment Advisor RIA December 8, 2017 Author: Woody Derricks

What is a Registered Investment Advisor? A Registered Investment Advisor – or RIA – is a firm that manages assets and provides investment advice. RIA’s may house investment advisors with a designation such as Certified Financial Planner, Chartered Financial Analyst, or Personal Financial Specialist. There are many benefits of working with a Registered Investment Advisor […]

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Legacy Planning Tips for Same-Sex Couples

Gay Friendly Financial Advisor Annapolis Legacy Planning November 29, 2017 Author: Woody Derricks

When the Supreme Court legalized gay marriage, it didn’t alleviate many of the ambiguities related to legacy planning for same-sex couples. Children, physical and digital assets, and even family attitudes can impact the planning process for those in the LGBT community. To ensure that you leave the legacy you’ve always wanted, it is important to […]

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Life Insurance Basics

Insurance Policies Investment Advisor Life Insurance November 17, 2017 Author: Woody Derricks

Life insurance is a very competitive industry, and because of this, there are many choices when it comes to getting the coverage that you need. It is important not to get lost in the jargon, though; not all policies are the same, and the details are often hidden within the fine print. Before you make […]

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Tips for Retirement Planning

Financial Advisor Retirement Planning Retirement Planning for LGBT Couples October 18, 2017 Author: Woody Derricks

Retirement planning is always a hot topic. Whether you’re a Baby Boomer or a member of Generation X, retirement will be here before you know it. The earlier you plan, the better off you’ll be when you’re ready to say goodbye to your full-time career. Will you be able to retire when you want? Will […]

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Tips for Choosing Employee Benefits, Part 2: Same Sex Couples

Financial Advisor Financial Advisor for LGBT Couples Financial Planning for Gay Couples Investment Advisor September 28, 2017 Author: Woody Derricks

When you are deciding whether or not to walk down the aisle, you may want to take employee benefits into consideration. Some companies recognize civil unions and domestic partnerships when it comes to perks such as employer-sponsored health insurance, but others do not. To ensure that you are taking advantage of everything your employer has […]

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Tips for Choosing Employee Benefits, Part I

Employee Benefits Financial Advisor Financial Planning Health Benefits Life Insurance Retirement Planning September 18, 2017 Author: Woody Derricks

If you are changing jobs or simply approaching open enrollment season for your employee benefits, selecting the right options for you and your family can be stressful. Whether it involves utilizing a Health Savings Account (HSA) with your health plan or deciding how much to contribute to your 401(k), the selections you make every year […]

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The Ins and Outs of Cohabitation Agreements for Same-Sex Couples

Financial Advisor for Gay Couples Financial Planning for Gay Couples August 30, 2017 Author: Woody Derricks

The Ins and Outs of Cohabitation Agreements for Same-Sex Couples Cohabitation agreements are legal agreements that can be formed between couples who live together. While they can be useful tools for heterosexual couples, they are especially valuable to same-sex couples who choose not to marry. These legal documents allow individuals to protect their assets and […]

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Medicare Tips and FAQs

Financial Advisor Medicare August 18, 2017 Author: Woody Derricks

Medicare is a health insurance system provided by the federal government. It is generally utilized by individuals 65 and older, but it can also be used by younger people who suffer from certain disabilities or diseases – like Lou Gehrig’s or end-stage renal disease. If you believe that Medicare eligibility is in your future, it’s […]

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