Quarantine-Friendly Activities for Kids this Summer

Quarantine-Friendly Activities for Kids this Summer

Summer is going to be a bit different this year due to quarantine and the ongoing impact of Coronavirus. With the kids home even more than usual during the summer months you may be looking for some summer activities to keep them busy. Check out some quarantine-friendly activities that the whole family can enjoy this summer.

Backyard Camping:

With vacations canceled, now is the perfect time to treat your kids to a staycation! Try a fun camping trip in your own backyard with activities that could include some roasted hot dogs, a warm bonfire with s’mores, and a cozy tent. Your kids will love the opportunity to “get away” to the backyard for the night.

Backyard Water Park:  If you don’t have a pool to jump in on those hot summer days, turn on the sprinkler or hose and let the kids run around. A kiddie pool or slip-n-slide is a great alternative as well. Who didn’t love a water balloon fight as a kid? For more added fun, you can get water balloons at almost any dollar store or order some online. Then fill up a bunch of water balloons at once and set them in a storage bin to avoid having to stop the fun to fill more up. Dodgeball with water balloons is fun for the whole family!

Outdoor Movie Night: Some states are seeing more and more pop-up drive-in movie theaters, but if don’t live close to one, try making your own! Create an outdoor “drive in” movie in your backyard with a large sheet as your screen and some blankets on the ground. You can project a movie onto the screen and gather around for some fun family bonding.

Garden Party: There are so many ways to start a garden, whether it’s indoors or outdoors. You can have your kids help you start (or maintain) a garden by growing herbs, flowers, or even vegetables.  Check out some kid-friendly gardening tips here!

Money Lessons: It’s important to teach your kids about the responsibility and value of money, so help making learning about money fun with Family Fun Financial Packets. The Family Fun Financial packets include individual learning activities, family activities to work on together. It is even a suggested reading list to help kids within the age groups of K-12. Contact us today to request your complimentary Financial Family Fun Packet!

Just because summer camps and vacations are canceled, it doesn’t mean the fun has to stop! There are still a bunch of activities that your kids (and you) can do to enjoy the warm weather and extra time together. Stay safe cool!

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