March 2021 Webinars

Set Sail: Making Financial Planning & Travel a Breeze

Partnership Wealth Management presents our webinar series Set Sail: making Financial Planning & Travel a Breeze.

The webinar series will focus on the principles of financial planning, how to budget for upcoming travel, and explore what travel looks like in a world with Covid.

Debbie Doyle, Financial Planner at Partnership Wealth Management, will be hosting the webinar with a special guest speaker on each date. Our guest speakers will be able to answer questions about how the travel industry has adapted to CDC protocols, which locations are open for travel, cancellation policies, and more!

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Click here to register for March 24th at 5 pm

Learn more about each of our speakers below:

March 18th and March 24th:

Debbie Doyle of Partnership Wealth Management

Debbie has been with Partnership Wealth Management since 2016 and has a passion to improve the financial lives around her. She specializes in providing relatable advice by developing custom financial plans and ongoing client service for clients to help achieve their future goals.

March 18th Guest Speaker:

Mary Eve “The Cruise Lady” Vonberger

A Baltimore resident herself, Mary Eve, moved her growing business The Cruise Lady, Inc., to Canton. She has developed The Cruise Lady, Inc. into a world-class travel agency with a personal touch that offers a wide range of travel options beyond just cruises. Mary Eve gives back to the community by serving as a member of the Exchange Club of Highlandtown and Canton, O’Donnell Square Business District Association as well as the Canton Community Association.

March 24th Guest Speakers:

LaDell Carter of Royal Expression Travels

Founder + Chronic Jetsetter

World Traveler and Visionary with the skinny on the most premier travel destinations. With an eye for the extraordinary, an appreciation for uncompromising quality, and a deep understanding for immersive experiences.

Chanelle Bland of Royal Expression Travels

Culinary Arts Experience + Event Planner Extraordinaire

The creative mind behind the glitz and glam. Having a network of some of the most in-demand chefs at our fingertips. Let us find the perfect chef for your event or full-time needs. Chanelle can procure just about any gourmet food and wine request you require.

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