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What is a trustee?

A trustee is a person or a company that holds and manages assets for a third party. Often that includes someone managing a trust for a beneficiary.

Trustees are fiduciaries, meaning that they have a duty to manage the trust in a responsible manner and in the best interest of the beneficiaries within the framework established by the trust document.

Who can be a trustee?

You can name anyone you’d like to be a trustee. That person will not only have significant responsibility over the trust assets, s/he will also be in regular contact with the trust’s beneficiaries.

Some beneficiaries can be challenging for the trustee and put the trustee in a difficult position-especially if the trustee is related to the beneficiaries and sees them regularly. To help provide another layer of impartiality to the trust, a company could be named as a trustee.

What services can a trustee provide?

Trustees will manage the trust’s assets, make income and/or asset distributions as prescribed by the trust, maintain proper records, and file the trust’s income tax returns.

Who could benefit from using a trustee?

Anyone wanting a neutral third party to administer their assets. This can include someone looking to have assets managed for beneficiaries with special needs or for a beneficiary who might have the inability to manage their own finances. Someone could also desire for a unique arrangement such as providing income for a beneficiary’s life then passing the remaining trust assets to a charity upon the income beneficiary’s passing.

Also, if you’re concerned that you could suffer a cognitive impairment and have diminished financial capacity, you could place your assets in a trust and have a trustee manage them on your behalf.

The opinions voiced in this material are for informational purposes only and are not intended to provide specific advice to any individual. Consult your legal, tax, and/or financial advisor to determine what is appropriate for your situation.

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We had another busy month. May started with two sisters having baby showers in New York City. If you read last month’s newsletter, it won’t come as surprise to hear that Elise asked why we didn’t take the train. I have a feeling that we’ll be taking trains quite a bit as that seems to be her preferred method of travel.

We also got to spend time with her buddy, Rainer. As we were leaving his home, we saw a house across the street for sale. Elise’s eyes widened as we talked about it and asked: so if we lived across the street from Rainer, could we see him any time I want? That sounds like trouble to me!

Fenway and Roxy are enjoying the Spring weather that has finally arrived…although a few days without rain would certainly be nice too. We’re now able to take longer walks to their favorite places: Patterson Park and Dogma (for their favorite treats).

I hope you enjoyed this month’s newsletter.

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