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Property and casualty (P&C) insurance- we all have it, but few know what we have and what to look for in our coverage. P&C is the name for the insurance that protects your home, auto, and valuables. It also can provide protection against general liability for injuries caused to others.

If you’re like most, you probably purchased coverage from your insurance carrier years ago and haven’t looked at it since. Being at home more than maybe you’d like could provide a little extra time to learn more about your coverage, needs, and to compare costs across various carriers.

Homeowners- All homeowners policies are not the same. Not all carriers will agree on how much coverage to provide on your home. For example, each carrier will estimate the cost to rebuild your home should there be a fire. This insured value could vary significantly from company to company. Make sure this coverage sounds reasonable given what you know about your home. Keep in mind, this is the price to rebuild your house and does not include the value of your land, so it won’t be the same as your appraised value.

There are also three levels of homeowners coverage options- actual cash value, replacement cost, and guaranteed/extended replacement cost.  Actual cash value provides the smallest benefit as it pays a depreciated value for your damaged item. For example, if you had your floors replaced, the insurance company would likely pay less than the actual replacement cost leaving you to pay the difference.  Replacement cost does just that-it pays the actual cost to repair or replace your damaged/missing item.  Guaranteed/extended replacement cost provides the highest benefit as it pays the full price to put your home back into the same condition it was in prior to damage even if that cost is greater than the amount for which you’re covered.

Talk with your agent about your coverage, make sure your limits are in line with today’s estimated costs, and to ensure that you’re not missing coverage on valuables that you might have acquired since you obtained your insurance policy.

Auto- When looking at your auto insurance, make sure your current policy accounts for the miles you currently drive. This figure could have changed significantly since you initially purchased your car-especially if you’ve changed jobs.

As with all types of insurance, make sure your deductibles match your budget. Ask yourself: are you able to pay a $1,000 deductible or would you bother the insurance company with a $500 repair only to see your rates increase after?

Umbrella- If you want to further protect your assets or income, consider talking with your agent about umbrella insurance. Umbrella insurance can provide $1mil or more of additional coverage should someone sue you for an amount beyond what your homeowners or auto insurance covers. For a relatively low amount, you could look to start with $1mil of coverage. A rule of thumb is often to get enough umbrella insurance to match your net worth up to about $3mil. Again, your P&C agent can help you determine an appropriate amount.

Other considerations- When you look to compare pricing of your policy versus that of other companies, try your best to compare apples to apples. Make sure you’re getting a similar replacement value on your home, that your home and auto deductibles match your policy’s, that your auto limits are the same, and that any endorsements you may have on your homeowner’s policy (for items like jewelry, art, or other valuables) are included in the quote you receive.

Some people have auto with one carrier and homeowners with another. Some couples didn’t change insurance carriers after moving in together. Consider consolidating your insurance with one company to potentially unlock discounts.

Also, make sure that you’re looking at a company with a good reputation for paying claims and that has solid ratings from an insurance rating organization such as Moody’s or A.M. Best.


We at Partnership Wealth Management are not licensed property and casualty insurance agents. This is not to be considered insurance advice; the information in this article is being provided only as a guide for you to consider when speaking with a licensed agent.

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