Ideas to Keep Children Busy During Quarantine

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Ideas to Keep Children Busy During Quarantine

Like many parents, you may be stuck at home with your children during a national emergency for an unknown amount of time. You can’t do your go-to activities such as go to the movies, play dates with friends, go out to eat, or visit their favorite park. So, what do you do as the hours and days tick by? Check out some fun and creative ways to keep your kids entertained:

Top Chef” Challenge: With the majority of meals taking place at home, have your children help with meal prepping and cooking their favorite foods. It’s something that helps teach them how to prepare for themselves and keeps them busy. If you want to challenge yourselves, work together by going through the pantry to use what you have on hand to make a meal that isn’t in your regular rotation.

Indoor Obstacle Course: Have your kids burn some energy by creating an indoor obstacle course for them to compete against each other or for a prize as simple as picking tonight’s movie. Some ways to create a challenging course could involve doing jumping jacks, crawling under/over a row of chairs, doing a hula-hoop, or throwing socks in a laundry basket.

Indoor Drive-in Movie: Have your children grab their blankets and some pillows and set up for movie night. If your kids are younger and you have some paper boxes available, you could have them decorate their box to make it look like a car and sit in their “boxcar” during the movie. Make some popcorn, pick a movie and sit back and relax and enjoy this time together as a family.

Paper and e-Reading: With kids out of school, dust off those books and have your kids read out loud to mimic what in-school classes would be doing. Are you running out of books for them to read? Right now, Kindle is offering a free two-month subscription to new and returning readers to gain access to their virtual library of more than a million books.

Explore Nature (virtually): Some national parks, zoos, and museums are offering tours and glimpses into their locations online for free. Check out this list of places offering virtual tours.

Makeshift Recess & Exercise: Your kids are likely getting a lot more screen time being at home whether it’s a tv, online learning courses, movies, or Google hangout playdates. Many companies are offering free online workout sessions or maybe you have a favorite workout of your own. Take advantage of this opportunity to get your kids to burn some energy and get them dancing or jumping around and away from electronics.

These are unusual and unprecedented circumstances that we are currently living in.  While staying at home for a prolonged period of time (especially with children) may prove to be difficult, that’s even more of a reason to rise to the challenge. There are plenty of things for your kids to do during this quarantine to keep them entertained, active and allow them to continue their education. Just remember to wash your hands at regular intervals, clean high-touch surfaces, and take hygiene seriously. Stay safe and healthy!


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