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Q4 2022 Passionate Investor

Financial Advice Financial Advisor Investment Advice Investment Management Investment Planning Investment Strategy RIA Uncategorized January 30, 2023 Author: Woody Derricks

A recession on the horizon? Over the past few years, market chatter has rotated among concerns of inflation, rising interest rates, and a recession. Most of the talking heads see the worst of inflation behind us and anticipate a potential end to rising interest rates in the near future. The discussions have now begun to focus on […]

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Welcome Kate to the PWM Team!

Uncategorized July 23, 2021 Author: Woody Derricks

Welcome, Kate!  We’re excited to announce the addition of Kate Julian to our team at Partnership Wealth Management. As our Office Manager, Kate will be taking on the administrative tasks that Debbie has handled to give Debbie more time to meet with clients and work on financial plans. In addition, Kate will be taking care […]

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The Passionate Investor Third Quarter 2020 and the Coronavirus Impact

Investment Advice Investment Advisor Investment Management Investment Planning Investment Strategy Investments RIA Uncategorized October 29, 2020 Author: Woody Derricks

The Passionate Investor Third Quarter 2020 and the Coronavirus Impact Market Review Equity markets generally outperformed fixed-income markets with the S&P 500 rising 8.93% (including dividends; -5.57% YTD) and the Barclay’s Capital U.S. Aggregate Bond index increasing 0.62% (+6.79% YTD). Small caps underperformed large cap stocks (S&P 500) as the Russell 2000 small cap stock […]

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National Savings Day!

Budgeting Tips Certified Financial Planner Financial Advice RIA Uncategorized October 12, 2020 Author: Deborah Doyle

National Savings Day! Today is National Savings Day! It is important to make sure you’re maximizing your cash flow so that it works for you. Check out some helpful tips below for ways to help make saving a part of your lifestyle. Review your Cash Flow: Be strategic in the way that you build your […]

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Financial Planning Month

Certified Financial Planner CFP Employee Benefits Financial Planner Financial Planning Financial Services Health Benefits Investment Planning RIA Uncategorized October 1, 2020 Author: Deborah Doyle

October is Financial Planning Month! While finances are a part of your daily life, there are various elements that people often overlook or don’t consider the financial weight they could carry. Financial Planning Month reminds us to keep our spending in check and prepare our budgets. Take the time this month to review some of […]

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Coronavirus and the Markets

Certified Financial Planner CFP Estate Planning Financial Advice Financial Advisor Financial Services Health Benefits Investment Advice Investment Strategy Life Insurance Long Term Care Medicare Recession Registered Investment Advisor RIA Uncategorized Wealth Management March 12, 2020 Author: Woody Derricks

Coronavirus and the Markets We hope you’re healthy and holding up well with the news regarding the markets and the coronavirus. Much of the panic in the news and markets comes from the fact that nobody knows how bad the coronavirus will be.  Unfortunately, when the markets are nervous, they tend to go down quickly. […]

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5 Money Lessons to Teach Kids at Different Ages

Financial Advice Financial Planning Financial Services Investments Kids Financial Uncategorized Wealth Management July 26, 2019 Author: Deborah Doyle

5 Money Lessons to Teach Kids at Different Ages Teaching your children about money can seem like a grueling task since it is not something that is covered in the school curriculum, however, financial skills are crucial for navigating life. The good news is that you can use your day-to-day activities as learning experiences by […]

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