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Quarantine-Friendly Activities for Kids this Summer

Financial Advice Financial Planning Financial Services Kids Financial Recession RIA Wealth Management July 8, 2020 Author: Deborah Doyle

Summer is going to be a bit different this year due to quarantine and the ongoing impact from Coronavirus. With the kids home even more than usual during the summer months you may looking for some summer activities to keep them busy. Check out some quarantine-friendly activities that the whole family can enjoy this summer. […]

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Ideas to Keep Children Busy During Quarantine

Certified Financial Planner Financial Advice Financial Planner Financial Services Kids Financial Recession Registered Investment Advisor April 17, 2020 Author: Deborah Doyle

Like many parents, you may be stuck at home with your children during a national emergency for an unknown amount of time. You can’t do your go-to activities such as go to the movies, play dates with friends, go out to eat or visit their favorite park. So, what do you do as the hours […]

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Quarantined at Home?

budgeting tips Certified Financial Planner CFP Estate Planning Financial Advisor Financial Planner Financial Planning Financial Services Health Benefits Investment Advice Investment Planning Recession Registered Investment Advisor Retirement Advice Retirement Planning RIA Wealth Management April 6, 2020 Author: Deborah Doyle

We understand that this is a difficult time for everyone. As the COVID-19 pandemic sweeps the world, you are likely spending more time than ever at home now. With money at the top of mind for many during this time, you may be wondering what you can do to be productive? Check out some things […]

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How to Cope with Quarantine

CFP Health Benefits Recession RIA April 3, 2020 Author: Deborah Doyle

During these extraordinary times, we understand that it can be difficult to not spend your time worrying and bored. Many people are now spending majority of their time at home bored and looking for activities to do – so what can you do with all this new time on your hands? Check out some things […]

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Coronavirus and the Markets

Certified Financial Planner CFP Estate Planning Financial Advice Financial Advisor Financial Services Health Benefits Investment Advice Investment Strategy Life Insurance Long Term Care Medicare Recession Registered Investment Advisor RIA Uncategorized Wealth Management March 12, 2020 Author: Woody Derricks

We hope you’re healthy and holding up well with the news regarding the markets and the coronavirus. Much of the panic in the news and markets comes from the fact that nobody knows how bad the coronavirus will be.  Unfortunately, when the markets are nervous, they tend to go down quickly. We’re assuming that we’ll […]

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