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National Savings Day!

budgeting tips Certified Financial Planner Financial Advice RIA Uncategorized October 12, 2020 Author: Deborah Doyle

National Savings Day! Today is National Savings Day! It is important to make sure you’re maximizing your cash flow so that it works for you. Check out some helpful tips below for ways to help make saving a part of your lifestyle. Review your Cash Flow: Be strategic in the way that you build your […]

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Understanding the Differences between a Roth IRA and Traditional IRA

Certified Financial Planner Financial Advice Financial Advisor Financial Planner Investment Advisor Investment Strategy Registered Investment Advisor Retirement Advice Retirement Planning RIA Wealth Management August 6, 2020 Author: Deborah Doyle

If you are considering a Roth IRA or Traditional IRA for retirement savings, it’s important to understand the differences and eligibility limitations for each. Contact us to learn more about how we help clients evaluate their savings options and if a Roth conversion might make sense for them.     Questions and Consultations If you […]

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Quarantine-Friendly Activities for Kids this Summer

Financial Advice Financial Planning Financial Services Kids Financial Recession RIA Wealth Management July 8, 2020 Author: Deborah Doyle

Summer is going to be a bit different this year due to quarantine and the ongoing impact from Coronavirus. With the kids home even more than usual during the summer months you may looking for some summer activities to keep them busy. Check out some quarantine-friendly activities that the whole family can enjoy this summer. […]

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What to Do If You Have Been Laid Off or Fuloughed

Certified Financial Planner Employee Benefits Financial Advice Financial Advisor Financial Planning Financial Services RIA Wealth Management June 8, 2020 Author: Deborah Doyle

COVID-19 has impacted the lives of millions of individuals beyond just their health but to how they provide for their families. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics stated that April unemployment rate spiked to the highest level since the Great Depression. With job security on the line for so many people, it is important to […]

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Meet Our Summer 2020 Interns!

Financial Advice Investment Advisor Investment Management RIA Wealth Management June 5, 2020 Author: Woody Derricks

  Help Us Welcome Our Interns We’re excited to announce that we’ll have two interns working for us this summer. Luke will be working on Mondays and Tuesdays and Bailey will be working on Thursdays and Fridays.     Bailey Schwab   Education   Bailey is a rising junior at Johns Hopkins University majoring in Applied Mathematics & […]

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Ideas to Keep Children Busy During Quarantine

Certified Financial Planner Financial Advice Financial Planner Financial Services Kids Financial Recession Registered Investment Advisor April 17, 2020 Author: Deborah Doyle

Like many parents, you may be stuck at home with your children during a national emergency for an unknown amount of time. You can’t do your go-to activities such as go to the movies, play dates with friends, go out to eat or visit their favorite park. So, what do you do as the hours […]

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Coronavirus and the Markets

Certified Financial Planner CFP Estate Planning Financial Advice Financial Advisor Financial Services Health Benefits Investment Advice Investment Strategy Life Insurance Long Term Care Medicare Recession Registered Investment Advisor RIA Uncategorized Wealth Management March 12, 2020 Author: Woody Derricks

We hope you’re healthy and holding up well with the news regarding the markets and the coronavirus. Much of the panic in the news and markets comes from the fact that nobody knows how bad the coronavirus will be.  Unfortunately, when the markets are nervous, they tend to go down quickly. We’re assuming that we’ll […]

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What the SECURE Act Means for You

CFP Financial Advice Financial Planner Financial Planning Financial Services Investment Advisor Kids Financial Registered Investment Advisor Retirement Planning RIA Tax Planning Wealth Management December 30, 2019 Author: Deborah Doyle

As of January 1, 2020, many changes from The SECURE Act will become effective. Some of the more notable changes that could impact your financial future involve the following: Major Changes by New Law: Required Minimum Distributions (RMDs) Start at 72, not 70 ½ Traditional IRA Contributions After 70 1/2 Inherited Retirement Accounts Adoption/ Birth […]

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How to Conquer your Financial New Year’s Resolutions

Financial Advice Financial Advisor Financial Planner Financial Services Investment Planning Investments Registered Investment Advisor Tax Planning December 30, 2019 Author: Deborah Doyle

2020 has arrived and with that we enter a new decade with new goals and new priorities. Now like some of us, your New Year’s resolution may be the same each year. If this is the case, it turns out that this year you might actually accomplish it. While research studies show that half of […]

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Tax and Financial Planning Year-End Tips

Certified Financial Planner Financial Advice RIA Tax Planning Taxes Wealth Management December 23, 2019 Author: Deborah Doyle

  Tax and Financial Planning Year-End Tips With the end of the 2019 quickly approaching, the clock is ticking even louder on certain financial moves you may need to make before the end of the year. There are several tax strategies that may be worth exploring to save those extra tax dollars. Here are some […]

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