Jointly or Separately: How Should Married Same-Sex Couples File Taxes?

Financial Planning for same-sex couples Gay Friendly Financial Advisor Annapolis Tax Planning Taxes February 28, 2017 Author: Woody Derricks

With tax filing just around the corner, many new same-sex couples are asking whether or not they should take advantage of simplified joint filing or file separately, as they did before marriage. While it may seem easier, filing jointly could actually result in higher taxes! It’s best to examine your circumstances and then consult a […]

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The Potential Impact of Millennials on Your Investment Strategy

Financial Planning Investment Strategy Retirement Planning February 15, 2017 Author: Woody Derricks

The transfer of wealth from Baby Boomers to Millennials has already begun. According to Boston College’s Center on Wealth and Philanthropy, it is estimated that $58.1 trillion will be exchanging hands between 2007 and 2061. With that transfer, attitudes toward investing and wealth management could change considerably. To help keep your own investment strategy in […]

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I Do, or I Don’t: The Financial Impact of Marriage for Same-Sex Couples

Estate Planning for Gay Couples Financial Planning for same-sex couples January 30, 2017 Author: Woody Derricks

While the LGBT community has been fighting for marriage equality, marriage doesn’t necessarily help when it comes to a same-sex couple’s financial situation. Married couples may end up losing tax credits or find themselves in a higher tax bracket, making them subject to the not-so-friendly marriage penalty. On the other hand, estate and retirement planning […]

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Should You Buy a Home in 2017?

Investments LGBT friendly financial Advisor January 16, 2017 Author: Woody Derricks

There’s a good chance that 2017 will be a year of major changes – especially with a new president in the White House. Experts are predicting that those changes may impact the housing market, especially since interest rates are already starting to rise. With so much uncertainty, many people are wondering if they should invest […]

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What to Expect Financially from the Trump Administration

Financial Advisor Financial Planning December 30, 2016 Author: Woody Derricks

While you may or may not be happy with the presidential election outcome, one thing is certain: Donald Trump is going to serve as the 45th President of the United States. While it would be nice to have a crystal ball so that we could tell you exactly what this means for your wallet, unfortunately, […]

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20 Tips for Wrapping Up Your 2016 Finances

Estate Planning Financial Advisor Financial Planning Retirement Planning Tax Planning December 15, 2016 Author: Woody Derricks

As the year comes to an end, there are many ways you need to wrap up your finances. From 401k contributions and health care enrollment to beneficiaries and 529s, your actions from now until December 31st can make a significant impact on your 2016 tax return – and your 2017 financial outlook. Here is our […]

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Holiday Spending Tips

Holiday Spending TIps Partnership Wealth Management Newsletters November 30, 2016 Author: Woody Derricks

Holiday Spending Tips Content from 2015 Newsletter For many of us, autumn is filled with outdoor activities, spending time with extended family, and the start of an expensive holiday season.  Before you hit the mall on Black Friday or make your online purchases on Cyber Monday, consider these tips for getting the most out of […]

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Paying for Long Term Care

Financial Planning Long Term Care October 30, 2016 Author: Woody Derricks

Paying for Long-Term Care Content from July 2016 Newsletter What is Long-Term Care? Long-term care is the service provided by someone helping you manage your day to day routine.  Typically, this would occur if you could not perform several activities of daily living (commonly referred to as ADLs) on your own.  These ADLs could include eating, […]

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Planning for Diminished Financial Capacity

Financial Advisor Financial Planning October 15, 2016 Author: Woody Derricks

Planning for Diminished Financial Capacity Content from September 2016 Newsletter According to the SEC, “‘Diminished financial capacity’ is a term used to describe a decline in a person’s ability to manage money and financial assets to serve his or her best interests, including the inability to understand the consequences of investment decisions.”1 Of all the […]

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