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Holiday Spending Tips

Holiday Spending TIps Partnership Wealth Management Newsletters November 30, 2016 Author: Woody Derricks

Holiday Spending Tips Content from 2015 Newsletter For many of us, autumn is filled with outdoor activities, spending time with extended family, and the start of an expensive holiday season.  Before you hit the mall on Black Friday or make your online purchases on Cyber Monday, consider these tips for getting the most out of […]

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Medicare Basics – Newsletter

Medicare Partnership Wealth Management Newsletters Retirement Planning Retirement Planning for LGBT Couples August 30, 2016 Author: Woody Derricks

Medicare Basics (6/2016 Newsletter) When can you sign up? Most people will become eligible for Medicare at age 65 and can sign up as early as three months prior to their 65th birthday and as late as three months after. If you apply prior to the month in which you turn 65, coverage should begin […]

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How Should We Allocate Our Investments? – Newsletter

Investments Partnership Wealth Management Newsletters August 15, 2016 Author: Woody Derricks

How Should We Allocate Our Investments? (4/2016 Newsletter) One of the first questions that many prospective clients ask me is: What should we do with our investments? I usually reply with: That depends. Of course this is exactly what they don’t want to hear! Everyone wants an immediate answer to their questions, yet this is […]

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Financial Strategies for 2016 – Newsletter

Partnership Wealth Management Newsletters February 15, 2016 Author: Woody Derricks

Financial Strategies for 2016 By Woody Derricks, CFP®, Accredited Domestic Partnership AdvisorSM Partnership Wealth Management (410) 732-2633 Getting one’s financial house in order is usually at the top of annual New Year’s resolutions, but far too often, we overlook and even neglect making critical decisions during the last few months of the year that can […]

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