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Should You Buy a Home in 2017?

Investments LGBT friendly financial Advisor January 16, 2017 Author: Woody Derricks

There’s a good chance that 2017 will be a year of major changes – especially with a new president in the White House. Experts are predicting that those changes may impact the housing market, especially since interest rates are already starting to rise. With so much uncertainty, many people are wondering if they should invest […]

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Women and Investing

Financial Planning Financial Planning for Gay Couples LGBT friendly financial Advisor June 30, 2016 Author: Woody Derricks

Women and Investing A recent study by Fidelity shows that women tend not to get involved in their long-term financial planning. Why, you ask? According to the study, it’s because they lack confidence in their knowledge of financial planning and investing and are reluctant to talk about money. This lack of confidence in long-term financial planning […]

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Moral Peace of Mind with Socially-Responsible Investing

Financial Advisor Financial Advisor for Gay Couples Financial Advisor for LGBT Couples Financial Planning for Gay Couples Gay Friendly Financial Advisor Annapolis Investments LGBT friendly financial Advisor June 28, 2016 Author: Woody Derricks

In the wake of the Orlando shooting as well as other acts of gun violence over the past few years, I’ve been asked more and more about limiting gun manufacturers from client portfolios.  For those clients who have been concerned about guns, we’ve been discussing socially-responsible investing. While socially-responsible investing has been around for some […]

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Tips to Start Planning Next Year’s Tax Return

Financial Advisor LGBT friendly financial Advisor Tax Planning May 30, 2016 Author: Woody Derricks

You just finished filing your 2015 tax return.  Congratulations!  Before you move on to the next item on your to-do list, take the time now to start planning for next year’s tax return.  A little planning and organizing now will save you time and money next year. The following tips to start planning for next […]

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